DPM Performance Car Parts


You can find a huge range of top quality Volkswagen Lupo parts and spares at DPM Performance. We stock a range of Lowering Springs for the VW Lupo by AP, H&R and Eibach. You can also buy AP Springs & Shocks through our online shop.  

Sorry, we don't have any Wheel Adaptors available for your car at the moment.

Ever wanted to fit wheels from a different make or model to your Volkswagen Lupo?... Well with DPM Performance's range of FK and H&R alloy wheel adaptors that's now possible.

Supplied in pairs with various different widths available, our wide range of FK and H&R alloy wheel adaptors now allow you to change the stud pattern of your car to that of a different make of model and enable you to fit pretty much any set of wheels safely and securely to your Volkswagen Lupo.